I grew up on videogames so I was always playing since the early days with Mario, Zelda, Megaman, etc. Before Hearthstone, I usually just played RPGs, mainly titles from Squaresoft/Square Enix. I only started playing Hearthstone in 2015 because I would always hear the game sound effects from my sister and then  I was encouraged to play by Chingbling. So far my highest rank attained is 5.



I’m fairly well-known in the local gaming community for my earlier exploits in Dota, LoL and Starcraft. Now my main focus is Hearthstone. About late 2014 I started playing for a bit only to take a long break until around the end of 2015. It was then that I started to take a more serious outlook on the game and climb competitively. Through watching a bunch of different streams I’ve learned how to play at a high level and I’ve made it to Legend rank twice and the highest ever placed is Legend 220.