Realm Grinder

This game has basic graphics, a low barrier to entry, lots of clicking and is strangely addictive….

I’m going to be 100% honest. I was not even supposed to be writing a review on Realm Grinder. I had two other games downloading to review and I just happened to stumble upon this game in the Steam store. Realm Grinder is free-to-play and it’s very small (35MB), so I downloaded it as a way to waste some time waiting for the other games to finish. There were no expectations going into Realm Grinder. I actually expected to uninstall it after trying it for 10 minutes. I installed it and an hour later, I was still playing it.

Realm Grinder is a very simple game. At the start of the game you’re given an empty kingdom. When you click on the screen you get money. The more you click, the more money you get. You use that money to buy different structures. Every structure you buy generates money for you. The more advanced the structure, the more money it makes for you. And that’s it! That’s essentially what Realm Grinder is about. It’s focused on grinding money to build your kingdom.

Devilishly simple design, yet there are little features in the game that gets you hooked.  One of these features is the Good or Evil ruler choice. Depending on which type of ruler you choose to be, it changes the landscape of your kingdom. The Good ruler has a lush green landscape with a relaxing blue river to look at, while the Evil ruler has a scorched landscape with a sea of lava surrounding it. It’s quite the contrast. Also, each ruler has different factions they can join that will give unique bonuses e.g. the Evil ruler can use the power of Goblins, Demons or the Undead to help boost gold production. However, each faction isn’t the same and will appeal to different types of playstyle/upgrade choices. This gives Realm Grinder and enormous replay value because it encourages multiple playthroughs to see how each faction affects the gameplay experience.

Multiple playthroughs are also encouraged. By ‘Abdication’ or a soft reset, your kingdom will be resetted to a blank state with all of the coins and upgrades that you collected being gone, however you will receive a production boost (depending on how well you played on your last playthrough) which will make you earn significantly more money in your new playthrough. This feature gives you the chance to try different ruler types and factions without having to do a hard reset.

Realm Grinder isn’t a game designed for everyone. It has simple graphics, no action on the screen and no live gameplay outside of clicking the screen to earn gold. This game isn’t God of War or Grand Theft Auto 5 or even Bejeweled. For those unfamiliar with this genre of game, it’s referred to as Idle or Clicker games. Some people reading this may be familiar with title such as Clicker Heroes, Tap Titans or even Pot of Legend. This is a resource management game where you spend your time looking at the same screen, but just with numbers going up higher and higher and higher. This is where the thrill comes in. The more you understand the game, the higher you will see the numbers go and you feel the challenge of how high can you get the numbers to reach. As I said before, this game is not for everybody. I would recommend this game to everyone, but if after 15 minutes you’re bored then you know this game isn’t for you. However, if after 15 minutes you find yourself engrossed, then Realm Grinder is for you.