Call Of Duty: WWII Valor Edition Revealed

Call of Duty WWII is coming slowly, but surely and has many fans of the Call of Duty franchise excited to be going back to its World War 2 roots.

With the hype surrounding this game, it’s no surprise there are numerous pre-order bonuses being made available e.g. GameStop pre-orders . However EB game seems to be offering the most with their various pre-order bundles (E.B. Games pre-orders.)

EB Games has announced the premium version of Call of Duty WWII named  The Valor Collection Pro. However, the Valor Collection Pro is currently priced at $269.95 USD. The Valor Collection Pro boasts several items:

  • Call of Duty:WWII Pro Edition (includes Season Pass and a Steelbook case)
  • Exclusive Bronze Statue (inspired by the infamous D-Day scene)
  • Collectible Bloodraven Sword Pin
  • Division Patches (quilted version of the in-game divisions)
  • Nazi Zombies Poster (24″ x 26″)


The first private beta for Call of Duty:WWII will run from August 25th to August 28th for Playstation 4 users who pre-ordered the game. The second private beta will run from September 1st to September 4th for both Xbox One and Playstation 4 users.

Call of Duty:WWII is set to release world wide on November 3rd for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Call of Duty:WWII trailer –