Mewtwo is coming to Pokemon Go!

After the wrap up of the legendary bird Battle Raids, Pokemon GO had a major surprise in store for players with the announcement of the next legendary Battle Raid boss to emerge: Mewtwo

Like other Pokemon GO legendary Raids, players will be most successful against Mewtwo with a large group. This legendary Pokemon is likely to be the biggest and baddest one the community has battled to date. There is one catch to the Mewtwo raids — they are invite only. To be invited, players must have completed a recent raid at the gym hosting the Mewtwo raid.

Mewtwo has double weakness against dark, bug, and ghost types; so these are going to be your hard-hitters. As with other legendary raids thus far, Tyranitar is a VIP. Other dark types we love for this battle are Gyarados and Houndoom. From the bug arena, try Pinsir, Heracross, and Scizor. Scizor has the added bonus of also being a steel type, which takes half damage from psychics. Round out your line up with ghost-type Gengar. Further down the list, Umbreon makes for a solid roster filler if you’re itching to use one of your Gen 2 Evee evolutions.

As tempting as it may be to toss your hard-earned Lugia into the ring, Mewtwo is resistant to fighting and psychic types, so Lugia psychic attacks won’t do much good here.

Once defeated, the trick to catching Mewtwo will likely be the usual routine. Toss him golden berries to chow down on before launching your most excellent premier ball to snag him. Doing max damage during battle will earn you extra balls for your attempts. Be sure to study Mewtwo’s attack pattern to wait for the sweet spot for throwing your ball. Chances of a catch increase with excellent throws. Be sure to use a curveball if you’ve mastered that technique!

All that’s left to do now is get your raid passes ready and head into battle to take down enough gyms to ensure a Mewtwo raid invite. Good luck, trainers!



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