New World of Warcraft content for Patch 7.3

Unfortunately Patch 7.3 hasn’t gone live yet,  however this is some new content to keep us busy!

The new content which has been added is a prologue named ‘Whispers of a Frightened World’. The prologue is now LIVE on servers, so  you can login and try it out a preview of the new patch for yourself. Patch 7.3 is planned to be a multi-phase update i.e. The patch will be fully implemented over a period of time rather than in just one update. You can read the full details here

World of Warcraft enthusiasts pointed out that Jaina Proudmore is a part of BlizzCon’s Key Art. What does this mean? We’re not sure, but it will be interesting to see how she will be involved in the story once again. Last time we saw Jaina was during the current expansion (Legion) where she was voting against allowing the Horde back into Kirin Tor and Dalaran and she resigned her membership from Kirin Tor.