Treadnauts – A revamped Scorched Earth

Treadnauts is the spiritual successor to Scorched Earth that nobody is talking about!

Younger gamers may not know about the legacy of Scorched Earth. Scorched Earth was a multiplayer game where you commanded a tank and you could buy an assortment of weapons to destroy the other tanks on the field.

One of the reasons why Scorched Earth was so popular was due to the multiplayer aspect. You can play against CPU opponents or human opponents. Another reason was the aresnal of weapons and aids. There are TONS of items to choose from such as:

  • Nuke
  • Napalm
  • Funky Bomb (Cluster Bomb)
  • Death’s Hand (Super Nuke)
  • Plasma Blast
  • Laser
  • Parachute
  • Shield

Scorched Earth was the inspiration to titles such as Hedgewars, Atomic Cannon and most famously the Worms series for gamers in the 90’s. You can check out this video here for some Scorched Earth gameplay (but be warned, this video uses strong language)

Treadnauts is a tribute and an updated version of Scorched Earth. In Treadnauts, instead of a one turn at a time style game, it’s a full out action versus game. You have complete control of your tank and you have to battle against the other tanks in chaotic warfare utilizing various weapons to gain victory. From the gameplay trailer that was released matches are fast, intense and strategical in some aspects.

It was announced on the website that there will be a public alpha, so the game will be available to try in its early phases to get a better understanding of how in depth or how casual the game will be. For more information check out the Treadnauts website ( and you can view the gameplay trailer here