Breaking down new Star Guardian Invasion mode

A brand new mode is set to hit League of Legends early this fall. Here’s a breakdown of the new Star Guardian Invasion mode.


The lore when it comes to Star Guardians is one of legend. Basically, Star Guardians are protectors that help save innocent lives from the dangers of the Void. The Star Guardian skins are also amazing and fit with the lore perfectly due to their powers, bright colors, and the symbolism of good protecting the world from evil. Now, Star Guardians are finally getting their own mode in League of Legends.

This new mode will be called “Invasion” and will feature a brand new map called Valoran City Park. Invasion will be a Player vs. Environment (PvE) mode featuring five players against enemies of the Void controlled by the A.I. It’s basically going up against waves and waves of enemies until fighting a final boss to end everything.

Currently being tested in the Public Beta Environment (PBE), this new mode promises to deliver on not only the lore of Star Guardians but also test out what it would be like to bring a new PvE aspect to League of Legends. The “Doom Bots” mode wasn’t as successful in their first venture into PvE content but this one involving Star Guardians has a lot of potential.

Invasion is set to have different styles of game play inside the mode ranging from surviving waves, fighting inside a shield, getting to an escape point, and simply defeating a huge boss in an epic fight. It will still require teamwork and coordination but this time around, you don’t have to worry about ganks or not getting tilted in a lane.

Overall, expect to see the Star Guardian Invasion mode in early September. It’s going to be thoroughly tested in the PBE to ensure it’s a solid experience from start to end once it goes live in League of Legends.

Check out some gameplay of the new map at:


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