FFXV: New game+ carry overs

What you get to keep in New Game+

  • Experience and levels
  • Ascension skill progression
  • Survival, Fishing, Cooking and Photography levels.
  • Outfits (Even Kingsglaive ones! It was really cool to start the game in these, so you just see your party of boys casually pushing the Regalia through the desert in their heavy trench coats)
  • Weapons
  • Royal Arms
  • Accessories
  • Items
  • Gil
  • Spells
  • Ignis’ Recipes
  • Regalia Customisation
  • Chocobo Customisation
  • Magic and magic flasks
  • Photos by Prompto
  • Fish caught by Noctis

One of the biggest downfalls – or benefits, depending on your perspective – is that enemies do not scale with your party members. So if you start new game plus at level 60, your enemies in chapter 1 will still be at levels 1-3. Touch kill. At least you no longer have to seek shelter at night, and are now free to roam around fighting daemons that you couldn’t tackle the first time around.

Hunting ranks are completely reset though, so that is something. The maps also reset, so you have to go around collecting information from restaurant owners and townsfolk once more.

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