The Top-Earning Players per Esport

With The International yet again raising the stakes when it comes to prize pools in large-scale esports tournaments and the LoL championship around the corner, We wanted to compare the lifetime winnings of the top three players across each of the four biggest esports on

According to the site, the four top esports in terms of prize money earned are: Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO and StarCraft II.

Unsurprisingly, Team Liquid’s Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi is Dota 2’s highest earner thanks in no small part to his team’s win at TI7. It also helps that he’s attended every single TI to date.

LoL and CS:GO both reflect the dominance of SK Telecom T1 and SK Gaming respectively, as the top three earners in each is comprised of players from each team’s heyday.

Though SK Gaming disappointed at Kraków, their Major wins in 2016 earned their team a cool $200,000, not to mention their high finishes in a number of other tournaments.

But even though they participated in more tournaments than SKT — their three players averaging 52.7 tournament vs. the LoL players’ average of 28.3 — the Korean powerhouse still won more prize money thanks in part to Riot Games’ adoption of crowdfunding for international events.

Still though, both League players and CS:GO pros earn more prize money in fewer tournaments than the StarCraft II players. StarCraft II has $23,388,845.35 in prize money across 4431 tournaments. By contrast, LoL has $41,980,552.75 in prize money across 1891 tournaments, which is almost certainly a sign of the changing times.


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