1st Semi-Final Match – Heaven vs JulzB
Game 1 – Heaven’s Hunter vs JulzB’s Paladin
Both players coming down to the wire with no cards in hand and JulzB with 6 minions on the board followed by Spikeridged Steed and  Blessing of Kings put him in position to win the first game.

Game 2 – Heaven’s Hunter vs JulzB’s Mage

JulzB cudnt get control of the board and even tho he as a mage stalled for a long time to take it to late game, he just couldnt clear the board and Heaven would make it even at 1 a piece.

Game 3 – Heaven’s Mage vs JulzB’s Druid

Well JulzB wasn’t able to ramp up quick enough to get to use Ultimate Infestation and it would be his downfall in this game. Heaven however got a lucky summon on his Firelands Portal to get an Earth Elemental and that would help him take the lead after game 3.

Game 4 – Heaven’s Druid vs JulzB’s Druid

JulzB would taunt his way through this game with just ONE card to put him in the lead. After Heaven played his Living Mana card and filled the board with 5- 2/2minions, JulzB would drop his Spreading Plague to summon 5- 1/5 taunt minions. The double edge sword of Bittertide Hydra was used against Heaven in this instance.

Game 5 – Heaven’s Druid vs JulzB’s Mage

JulzB was able to stall this game all the way to turn 8 however with only one minion on the board and the Druid just dropping Living Mana to fill his side with 7- 2/2minions, JulzB’s only play is to use a Prymordial Glyph and hope for the best. He needs a Blizzard or Flamestrike to clear the board. Unfortunately he gets neither and Heaven would close off this game.

Game 6 – Heaven’s Paladin vs JulzB’s Shaman

Heaven had a great start and by turn 7 Shaman had no minions on the board and had to hope to draw a devolve to stay in the game but he would get stuck with some cards that would not help his situation.

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