2nd Semi-Final Match – jonathon vs Penjilia

Game 1 – jonathon’s Warrior vs Penjilia’s Priest

Fast paced Pirate Warrior would take the “charge” (pun intended lol) on this first game. With the huge help of a Arcanite Reaper and some Upgrades. That weapon was able to survive from turn 5 to turn 9 and reach an attack of 9! Which was easily able to deal with a Primordial Drake.

Game 2 – jonathon’s Shaman vs Penjilia’s Warlock

Penjilia made a fatal blunder in this game. Its turn 8 and he can drop the Lich King but jonathon has 3 big minions from the previous turn after using Doppelganster into evolve. Not only that unknowing to Penjilia, jonathon also has hex in his hand and unfortunately he falls into the trap and plays the Lich King. I think he should have Siphon Soul one of the big minions and he could have survived a bit longer.

Game 3 – jonathon’s Druid vs Penjilia’s Paladin

The aggro Druid coming out strong here. Turn 6, jonathon drops the Living Mana to fill the board. Penjilia does have Consecration to clear the board but jonathon combos it up with Innervate into Power of the Wild to give his minions +1/+1.

jonathon now leading by 3 games and 1 more game for the clean sweep.

Game 4 – jonathon’s Mage vs Penjilia’s Paladin

With one more game for jonathon to win he was sitting in a comfortable position but Penjilia would not have it. He would put up an Amazing fight and turn the tables when he would make the upset win by playing Uther of the Ebon Blade and summoning all 4 horse men for the unique win.

Game 5 – jonathon’s Mage vs Penjilia’s Druid

Penjilia looking to make a comeback chooses his jade Druid and was able to ramp up fast. He was able to build up 10 mana crystals on turn 6 and with a little help of Fandral was able to build up some decent jade minions. Even with jonathon’s Primordial Drake, it just wasn’t enough to help clear the board.

Game 6 – jonathon’s Mage vs Penjilia’s Warlock

Well finally jonathon was able to close out game 6 with his Mage. Penjilia did not have an answer for the Arcane Giant and in the following turn jonathon was able to end with a combination of Giant hitting face and Fireballs.

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