3rd Place Match – Penjilia vs JulzB

Game 1 – Penjilia’s Priest vs JulzB’s Shaman

JulzB would draw first blood with a 5 minion Bloodlust.

Game 2 – Penjilia’s Priest vs JulzB’s Paladin

JulzB was able to power up his minions and Priest generally don’t have cards to clear board.

Game 3 – Penjilia’s Paladin vs JulzB’s Druid

Waow! What a table turner. When JulzB thought he had it in the bag with 6 big minions on the board, Penjilia just drops the clear board combo of Wild Pyromancer into Equality. That play was able to get Penjilia on the board with 1win – 2.

Game 4 – Penjilia’s Jade Druid vs JulzB’s Taunt Druid

By far the Longest game in this tournament but what a nail bitter… an Exceptional game by both players! It went down to the wire and unfortunately JulzB ran out of cards and hit fatigue while Penjilia’s Jade Druid deck could provide an infinite loop of Jade Idols and with that Bigger Jade minions.

Game 5 – Penjilia’s Priest vs JulzB’s Druid

A great pick up from Penjilia in turn 9 when he drops Drakonid Operative to discover an Ultimate Infestation!

Priest was able to survive a little bit longer as Druid using both his Ultimate Infestations to draw 10 cards made him go into fatigue quicker.

Game 6 – Penjilia’s Warlock vs JulzB’s Druid

Not much Penjilia could have done in this match. He was even lucky enough to top deck 2 Siphon Souls back to back at the most crucial time. One was used on 7/7 Medivh the Guardian on turn 6 and in the following turn got rid of the Lich King! That was hella lucky! However it just wasnt enough to keep him in the game and JulzB would tie it up again at 3-3.

Game 7 – Penjilia’s Warlock vs JulzB’s Mage

A great opening hand from Penjilia would put him at a slight advantage while JulzB could not slow down the game. He just wasn’t drawing the spells to keep Penilia at bay.

Penjilia did make a small blunder tho in turn 9 after JulzB dropped the Doomsayer and Molten Reflection to ensure to clear the board; Penjilia should have dropped his other Abysal Enforcer to die and next turn play Bloodreaver Gul’dan to summon it back.

Penjilia was still able to win and this was HUGE! the underdog Rank 18 besting a Legend Rank player to cup 3rd place.

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