Grand Finals – Heaven vs jonathon

Game 1 – Heaven’s Hunter vs jonathon’s Shaman

jonathon had an unfortunate doplegangster evolve play and lost his taunt which would leave him exposed to Heaven’s onslaught for first blood in a matter of 8 minutes.

Game 2 – Heaven’s Mage vs jonathon’s Shaman

jonathon went for the fast kill getting Heaven down to 3 health however Heaven was able to slow down the game and survive until jonathon didnt have any useful cards. Heaven closing game 2 with a sliver of health.

Game 3 – Heaven’s Paladin vs jonathon’s Shaman

A lot of blunders were made in this game and I would attribute it to the late time.

jonathon should have played devolve here which two of Heaven’s minions would have gone down to 1-1 wisps/penguins and then look to summon his fire fly and fire elemental to chain with Knife Juggler, however he did it in the wrong order. he summoned the fire fly and then devolved.

Another point here is that the devolve would have gotten rid of the Sunkeeper Tarim with its taunt and then jonathon could have continued with summoning fire fly and fire elemental to chain with Knife Juggler and even use bloodlust to do 18 damage to face.

In the end even with all the blunders, jonathon would still win this match.

Game 4 – Heaven’s Paladin vs jonathon’s Druid

Heaven started off with a great hand and was in a good position to have the early advantage but jonathon in turn 3 controlled the board and Heaven had no answer to clear.

jonathon would continue controlling the board with Living Mana and close out that game making the score even 2-2

Game 5 – Heaven’s Paladin vs jonathon’s Mage

This was an upsetter! A game with NO hope and jonathon didnt want to concede but played it all the way out to fatigue. Heaven was able to get the Mage down to 1 health and popped the ice block. Heaven would then play Hydrologist and pick up Eye for an Eye which would seal jonathon’s fate. Any damage done to Heaven would be dealt back to jonathon, and with 1 life left… thats GG

Game 6 – Heaven’s Aggro Druid vs jonathon’s Secret Mage

This was a pretty fast game. Aggro Druid wants to close out early while Mages want to try to carry it out to late game. jonathon was unable to survive to late game and the druid at turn 4 would control the board and with power up cards like Mark of the Lotus and Savage Roar, that would do the trick for a quick finish.

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