Card Discussions Part 1 / A lot

Let’s talk card reveals. With T – 2 weeks to go, streamers et al have been releasing cards from the new expansion intermittently.

Naturally, I’d like to start with a priest card. Eyes on the new legendary, Archbishop Benedictus.

The Archbishop will cost you 7 mana, sporting 4/6 battlecry stats. Minion type, he boasts the following effect: Shuffle a copy of your opponent’s deck into your deck. Dirty rat is suddenly more appealing.

What does this mean for the new priest meta? Archbishop received a 3.6/5 star rating from HS top decks website. The general consensus seems to be that it’s not a good card, threatening to add useless cards to your deck, and unquestionably useless against an aggro opponent. On the other hand, I beg to differ. Against a slow deck, or a control type, Archbishop Fatigue Priest is looking really nasty. Two spikeridged steels? A bittertide hydra for me and a death for yours? An ice block or two? Kalimos? Sherazin? Don’t mind if I do. While opinions are a bit 50/50 on this, it seems both parties can agree on one aspect: Archbishop is a big no-no against aggro decks.

Whether you’re praying to Yogg or praying to RnJesus…. Seems some prayers are in order.

Below for some comments from the local community.


” This is more than just a thoughtsteal. This is basically a brain scan! It’s a terrible card, but it does get a bit unfair later in the game, but it’s gonna be fun to use.”

so by turn 7 when you play this your opponent would have about 20 or 19 cards in their deck (if they only draw the 1 card at the start of their turn)….so those cards gets added to yours, if you have the same amount in your deck, then you’ll have approximately 40 cards in your deck….they real pushing some fatigue decks

I’m hoping this card turns out like Yogg, expect a bit more balanced, but it’s hard to think of this card as anything but bad. Still crafting day 1 though.

I’m thinking that the card volume might not matter with this card, since theoretically, your removals doubles, as your opponent would not always run a terrible deck, and if your opponent runs a control deck, it’s gonna be hell for them. The issue is card synergy. But it’s very hard to wrap my head around this concept unless I experience it firsthand.


“This is the best card ever”


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