Make Warlock Great Again?


When last has warlock actually won a game? (apart from that time the other day when I got wrecked by the Firebat himself with that species of quasi-Kazakus lock)

On ladder, I’m sure you would have run into handlock/zoolock leftovers, struggling to keep their heads above the water in the Paladin-, Druid- and Mage-dominated meta. Hats off to them, but warlock is a little Rick Astley as of now.

Let’s take a closer look at two of the cards Blizzard has in store for Gul’dan.

I recently had a card prediction conversation involving the discussion of cards with effects that make your opponent discard their hand. The idea was shut down at the time, on the grounds of something along the lines of “…but Blizzard would never do that”. Enter Gnomeferatu. Hi there. A 2 mana cost epic minion, Gnomeferatu eagerly steps forward to ruin late game big minions or high cost spells. Battlecry: Remove the top card from your opponent’s deck. Good thing it’s a warlock card and not a rogue’s; imagine a combo with Shadowcaster & shadow step – possible great synergy with concede.

What’s our local community saying?

“Can potentially see play in zoo to interrupt control decks. Imagine playing this and removing volcanic potion or a flamestrike :’)”

“Imagine if there was a card where you could rearrange your opponent’s deck or place their high cost cards at the top of their deck and then combo with this”

Next in line: 3 mana cost epic spell card, Treachery – Choose a friendly minion. Your opponent gains control of it. To be honest, outside of a pairing with Bomb squard, I wasn’t sure how this card could be implemented. Then some of our local players added some ideas:

“this + Doomsayer”

“Doomsayer gonna be lit”

“what treachery is this”

“The well statted healbot that will now heal you instead”

Next up: Blood-Queen Lana’thel

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