Icecrown Week 1

Call it pathetic fallacy, but last night was cold.

Knights of the Frozen Throne is now live. 24 hours later, and Hearthstone feels like a new game (thankfully, because when the meta gets stale, boy does the meta get stale).

Players now have a brand new first wing at their disposal during this first week of release.

First boss up: Lord Marrowgar. 30 health, 0-cost hero power: Skeletal reconstruction, aka restore your hero to full health. It seems pretty intimidating, but apart from a couple of tricks up his sleeve, namely his Bonespikes – At the start of your turn, deal 15 damage to the enemy hero – he’s actually sort of a breeze to get through if you can manage to snatch his minion.

I put together a random priest deck, not knowing what waiting for me in this game. Luckily, ye old Cabal Shadow Priest never lets down (thanks girl). The key of winning this game is to keep calm and steal his). It helps to have a couple of revive spells in your deck too. If you’re not playing priest, however… (although, why wouldn’t you? Solo adventures are built for you to select the best decks/heroes against specific bosses), I recommend stocking up on silences.

Happy hunting!

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