Trinidad Smasher places 2nd at Throwdown Gaming Smash Tournament

Throw Down Gaming is a Fighting Game Community (FGC) from Spring Hill county in Florida. They are known to host weekly tournaments in various FGC games such as Injustice 2, Street Fighter etc, but they are mostly knownfor their weekly Super Smash Bros for Wii U tournaments.

Trinidadian players Wabz and Freezy (Darien and Brandon Jardine) entered their weekly tournament on 18th July, 2017 and showed off their skills against their Smashers. Freezy and Wabz had different paths in the tournament and did not have to play against each other, however they did have to face some of the local favorites such as ‘Sev the Rob main‘ and ‘Schmooey‘. Freezy switched between his new main Corrin and his previous main Villager for the tournament, while Wabz played with Sonic throughout.

Freezy had a tough route in the tournament. He won his first game convincingly, but suffered his first lost to Sev. He then defeated two more players, but lost to Espycat placement was 5th.

Freezy (Corrin) vs Shae (Toon Link) –

Freezy (Corrin/Villager) vs Sev (R.O.B.) –

made it to Winners Finals and was defeated by Schmooey, but was able to ‘run the set back’ in Grand Finals. In Grand Finals, Schmooey opted to not use his main character (Bayonetta) and used his other side characters (Diddy Kong and Captain Falcon) against Wabz. However, this proved to be a huge error on his part as Wabz defeated both of of his side characters, making him revert to his main showing him that this would not be an easy win for him. In the end, Wabz was defeated and placed 2nd.

Wabz (Sonic) vs Schmooey (Diddy Kong, Captain Falcon, Bayonetta) –

Here is the full brackets and placements for the event –

On the unofficial Trinidad & Tobago Power Rankings, Wabz is ranked 1st and Freezy is ranked 8th.

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