Icecrown Citadel Lower Wing Third Boss: Lady Deathwhisper

Lady Deathwhisper isn’t so bad either. Her 0-cost Hero Power, Whisper of Death, deals damage to your minions until they have 1 health. That being said, on your side of the field there’s a dragon with 30 attack power and 5 health. The problem is that it can’t attack (or be attacked) while it’s damaged.

Figured out what class is ideal against this boss yet? Yup, that’s right: Anduin to the rescue again. I packed a deck full of cheap healing spells and minions. I’m talking 2 Circles of healing, 2 Blinding Heals, 2 Voodoo Doctors, 2 Lightwells, 2 Earthern Ring Farseers, 2 Greater Healing Potions, 2 Hozen Healers, 2 Darkscale Healers, 2 Darkshire Alchemists, 2 Holy Novas… I even put Prophet Velen in there, just in case. The game didn’t really last long because I had clear shots to face for 4 turns in a row. Since Lady DW only has 30 health and 90 armour, it was pretty easy – after the first game where I accidentally killed the dragon by running it into a 5/4 taunt, oops.

Out and about on the internet, I saw that people also silenced the dragon so you can use her whenever. I’m not sure about that route though, since Lady DW uses her hero power at the start of her turn, which basically protects your dragon from dying. If you silence her, though… you are sort of making things more difficult than necessary in terms of keeping her alive.

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