On Twitch you can now search for Overwatch and Hearthstone heroes

Yes it is actually true and not fake news! You can now search for a hero/class on a stream to look at on the Twitch website

On the 17th August, Twitch added new options to both Overwatch and Hearthstone streams, that allows users to search further for what streams they are trying to find. Overwatch is simpler as you can only filter streams by what hero you want to watch, but with Hearthstone you can filter by  the Hero Class, Game Mode and Rank.

JT Gleason,  Director of Integration Success on the Developer Success team at Twitch, stated ‘Having introduced filtering on some top esports titles, the greater community demand to have access to similar discovery tools for other titles. Since Overwatch and Hearthstone are also among our most popular competitive games whose players take to Twitch to improve their skills by watching others play, we focused on how we can improve discovery for them. Our new metadata filters now make it easy to find more granular aspects of gameplay that previously required a lot more searching.”

You can test out the new features for yourself right now!

Hearthstone – https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Hearthstone

Overwatch – https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Overwatch

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