Icecrown Citadel Wing 2

I’ll start off by saying that Blood Queen Lana’thel does *not* prepare you for Professor Putricide and Sindragosa.

That being said, in my experience, order of difficulty goes as follows:

  1. Putricide
  2. Sindi
  3. Blood queen

The trick to the queen is to always have a minion to play. In the beginning, she’ll turn your hero into a vampire, meaning that your hero power disappears to be replaced with a new one: give your minion +2/+2, but it can only be used once on the same minion. You also must use your HP every turn. Be careful you run out of minions to buff and end up buffing hers instead! Anyway, pretty straight forward battle.

The Professor, on the other hand….

1st phase

30 health and 15 armour, and a million secrets. Stock Kezan Mystic, stock eater of secrets (and even then, they are still annoying).

Hunter class: Freezing Trap, Dart Trap, Cat Trick

Mage class: Frozen Clone, Mirror Entity, Counterspell, Vaporize

Paladin class: Avenge,  Getaway Kodo, Sacred Trial

When you take his armour down, he’ll enter the second phase.

2nd phase

The professor equips a weapon that reduces his HP, gains back the 15 armour you just took off, and drops a Festergut on the field (deal 3 damage to all enemy minions at the end of the turn, yikes!). You’ll want to stock some weapon removal battlecry minions for this part. Hey there, oozes. Once you take his armour down this time, you’ll enter the 3rd and final stage.

3rd phase

Rotface, warrior legendary that summons a random legendary minion everytime it survives damage (4/6) jumps into the party. Every card now costs 5 mana. Once you have some sort of removal for Rotface, you’re pretty much in the clear.

Take notes for your deck construction!

Moving on to our newest Dragon boss: Sindragosa.

At the start of your battle, there will already be 4 frozen minions on your side of the board. What does this mean? It means they’re 4 dead spaces on your side, for the duration of the game. You’ll have room to play 3 minions only. At 20 and 10 health, she’ll freeze any minions on the field as well. Be careful with how many you play.

I’ve seen several different strategies for this fight. People mainly seem to charge up a big minion (Divine Spirit, Inner Fire, aka Priest? We’re looking at you.) It can be a pretty straight forward fight. I chose the hard way around, and played control throughout the whole game, sacrificing a minion and a space on turn 10 health to clear her side of the board. Another tip: Sindragosa has a spell card that deals 3 damage to you for *each* spell card in your hand, so be careful if you’re planning to take her down with a burn mage! You’re likely to end up with 4 health at the start of your turn.

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