Shawdowreaper Anduin

Now, when Blizz revealed this hero card, I wasn’t really impressed. I didn’t think it was great. Now that I’ve seen it in play………….. DK Andy just might be the strongest hero card in play. It’s only two weeks in, so again, it’s too early to give him the definitive title of #1 on the list of DK heroes, but he’s definitely amongst the top 3 for now. Gul’dan also has amazing potential with a deal 3 damage, gain 3 health hero power; however, I haven’t yet seen a warlock live long enough to take full advantage of that HP.

There are quite a bit of priest class only cards that have great synergies with this hero card. Raza is at the top of the list. Chance of OTK is high. Raza + Lyra, for instance, gives you a lot of card generations + a lot of damage from a 0 cost 2 dmg HP.

Even if you don’t have Raza, this card has great potential with Velen. Imagine:

2dmg + Velen = 4 dmg + Mirage Caller = 8 dmg + Holy Smite = + 16 dmg. (Is my math correct?) Regardless, it all adds up to the same thing: a lot of damage generation.

Let’s take a look at some of the comments off the hearthpwn forums:

DK Anduin aside, revive priest is also back. There are lots of priests on the meta of late, and they are all building decks stocked with Shadow Anduin and running Barnes with Y’Shaarj, and new kid on the block: Obsidian Statue.

Obsidian is one of those cards that induces nausea when in play. Because the heart of lifesteal is so striking, you often forget he has a double effect. You’ll soon remember when you find one of your guys goes missing after you take him out, though.

Priest decks a stocked full of cards waiting to resurrect him: Eternal Servitude, eternal servitude…. And N’Zoth waiting to obeah a full board of them at the end.


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