Pestilent /ˈpɛstɪl(ə)nt/ (adjective): Destructive to life

Knights of the Frozen Throne is here.

We are now two weeks in, and there are some signs of the new meta settling in. Our top class contenders are peaking out. They are:

  1. Druid
  2. Priest
  3. Mage
  4. Paladin

Let’s talk about Druid a little bit. Druid has been a strong class for Hearthstone, ranging between Tier 1 and Tier 2 decks, especially with last season’s Jade Druid and Aggro type seeing lots of play. Easy climbing. Lots of players were hoping to see some nerfs take place for the class, and while they did (@ 1 skulking geist – infinite Jade idols), it doesn’t stop the class from propelling forward.

There’s a new taunt warrior in town, and he has buffs, ramp and power.

It’s even made Forbes news.

First up on the call for nerf is Innervate. Even Reynad recently made an appeal for the card to be removed from standard and into the hall of fame. We hear you, Reynad. The card gives Druid’s too much ramp power, especially since in the new meta, 1/3 of druid decks is already full of ramp.

Next up is Infestation. Regardless of the high cost, this card is basically the Ragnaros, Lightlord of Yogg Saron. Deal 5 damage, gain 5 armour, draw 5 cards, summon a 5/5 minion. Read: Deal 5 nerfs, add 5 nerfs, Blizz please nerf, no seriously: nerf.

Always waiting in line for it’s time to shine? Spreading Plague. Summon a 1/5 scarab with taunt. If your opponent has more minions, summon another. A note to all aggro players out here? If you’re up against a druid this season, just auto cc, gg mate. The problem with this card isn’t just it’s ability to spawn out a full board of 1/5 taunts in one turn, but it’s disgusting synergy with power up taunt spells from your boy the Lich King (anti-magic shield +2/+2 PLUS cannot be targeted by spells or hero powers) AND Strongshell Scavengers (give +2/+2 to your taunt minions). Why??

Pestilent: (archaic) Harmful or dangerous to morals or public order. 

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