Incoming druid nerf

We speak, they listen. Game Director, Ben Brode, recently thanked players for their feedback on Druid class decks, stating that the Blizzard HS team has been weighing options and should be posting an update this week.

The already powerful class has been seeing a lot more play since the Knights of the Frozen Throne release; so much that you can plan your decks around countering druid decks only, and you should be okay. Druid is the meta nowadays.

At the last HCT Europe Summer Playoffs, every single pro player stocked a druid deck. As PC Gamer puts it:

“If you’ve been watching Hearthstone’s HCT Europe Summer Playoffs this weekend, you’ll have noticed a distinct lack of Druid. Not because the class isn’t popular—quite the opposite, everyone of the 77 players participating brought a Druid deck—but because it’s so good they’ve all been banning it.”

Changes are likely to target Ultimate Infestation which, even as a late game card, is OP at weakest. There’s also a lot of talk about Innervate being retired to the Hall of Fame. We’ll just have to wait and see what the developers have in store. For now, you druid players can take your last victory-guaranteed walk around the stage.

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