E-Sports Caribbean League Ltd. approached two players from Trinidad and Tobago to compete in the Dreamhack Denver 2017 Hearthstone Grand Prix which was held from 20th to 22nd October in Denver, USA. 182 players signed up for this open LAN tournament that consisted of nine rounds of Swiss followed by single elimination top 16 playoffs.

The tournament was played in a best of five Last Hero Standing format with players choosing 4 heroes and blindly banning 1.

After a grueling 9 Rounds of Swiss the Final Results were:
Chingbling – 55th (5wins – 4 losses)
Hawkeye – 89th (3wins – 6 losses)

Chingbling got some hard match ups with his 1st game being against “Shoop” (tied for 5th) and in his 2nd match “Muzzy” (also tying for 5th and winner of the last Dreamhack HS tournament). He started off losing to both of these pro players. He did exceptionally well to come back and ended Day 1 on 4 Wins and 2 Losses. He still had a chance to make it to top 16 going into Day 2 but he would have needed to win his next 3 games. Unfortunately he ended up losing his 7th game which knocked him out of the top 16 contention.

Hawkeye made a huge comeback in her 1st game, after being down 0-2 she showed off her skill with the priest class and was able to clutch the win for round 1. She got paired with pro player “RayC” and unfortunately lost to him 1-3. She ended Day 1 on 2 wins and 4 losses. Day 2 was also relentless and she finished with 3 wins and 6 losses.

Onto the Side Event
The tournament was played in a best of five Conquest Standing format with players choosing 3 heroes and no bans. There was a total of 77 players.
Final results after 7 rounds of Swiss:
Hawkeye – 11th (5-2)
Chingbling – 27th (3-4)
mapow – 29th (3-4)

GGWP team!!! We did amazingly great :):D
#dhden17 #hearthstone #3SG

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